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Cady Hill Forest Update

As you may know, Cady Hill Forest in Stowe - a recreation destination for all types of users - was devastated by a wind storm last October.  You may have seen photographs of some areas that now lay barren after hundreds, perhaps thousands of trees were blown down and have since been logged out.  Seeing it in person can only show the true reality of what happened there.  The good news is that at least part of Cady Hill Forest will be back online by early to mid-summer. There are still some unknowns, but recovery is within sight.

The timber harvest and salvage effort on the southern end of Cady Hill Forest (near Charlie’s and Florence Trails) was completed in late January. 

Local logger Jed Lipsky and his crew are slated to return to the Bear’s Trail and Cady Hill Climb area, this week to complete  timber harvest effort there, before spring. 

As far as getting the trails back online, the ultimate goal is to clear the lesser affected trails like Snake, the Schween Haus Loops, Cady Hill Connector, Upper Bear’s, etc., and create a spring loop that will be accessible via the substation on Cady Hill Road, and potentially via the iRide parking lot.  In some cases the situation is still dangerous, with trees precariously hanging and tangling overhead, so some sections of trail will have to be rerouted.

Come spring, volunteer-based recovery efforts will begin.  Stowe Trails Partnership’s annual Spring Trail Work Day, which is Saturday May 5th at 9 a.m., will focus on getting as much of Cady Hill rideable, and walkable as possible. 

Stowe Trails Partnership, the Town of Stowe, and Stowe Land Trust haven't let up on their efforts since the storm, to ensure this most invaluable resource be available to the community who has come to embrace this conserved recreational gem, as one of the finest.

source and photo: Stowe Trails Partnership

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