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Natural Solutions for Garden Pests

Spring has arrived, and along with that, pests in your garden. Having a good plan early on will help you throughout the garden season. Here are some very easy natural remedies that you can make:

1. Spray

For aphids, mites, or other small insects, mix together 1 cup of vegetable oil with 1 tablespoon of natural dish soap (like Seventh Generation or Bronner's) in a jar. Mix 2 teaspoons of this mixture to a spray bottle filled with one quart of water. Shake the mixture and spray directly onto plants to help eliminate insects. The oil will keep insects away without hurting your plants. Spray plants every 10 days or after rain. Try to avoid spraying solution into the soil.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

This natural product is typically found in the Earth’s crust. Diatomaceous Earth is made up of the sharp remains of miniscule fossilized plants and can be easily found in garden centers. For a do-it-yourself version, rinse and breakdown egg shells into a granular state, then sprinkle it around plants in your garden. The sharp contents will keep insects away without harming your plants at all.

3. Eucalyptus Oil

A great natural pesticide for flies, bees, and wasps. Simply sprinkle a few drops of eucalyptus oil where the insects are found. They will all be gone before you know it.

4. Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are our friends.  They are pretty to look at and also help to keep unwanted insects like aphids, away. One ladybug can eat up to 50 aphids a day, and will eat other insects as well. You can order ladybugs online and they will arrive, ready to feast. Open the container at sundown to encourage them to scatter, without flying away, and they will go to work to rid your garden of insects quickly!

Happy gardening!

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