Community Life

I always laugh when people ask me, “Is there enough to do here?” There’s too much to do! I’ve lived in some great cities — London, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston — and I’m continually amazed at the cultural and recreational opportunities that exist right outside my front door. You can be as involved or as uninvolved in community life in Stowe as you want. I meet people all the time who want to move to Vermont to escape their frenzied lifestyle, to slow down and hide away for a bit. Others come here anxious to dig in and become active members of the community with organizations like The Stowe Land Trust, The Helen Day Art Center, or any of the Town of Stowe Commissions.  Stowe really can be all things to all people. But regardless of how deeply you choose to entrench yourself in the community, you will feel the positive effects of living in a place where people share similar small-town values and are invested in their town and community for the long haul.

As summer is approaching there are myriad events planned in the Stowe area, throughout the season.  So, come enjoy!  And, if in the meantime you are considering properties in the area, you can easily search properties here.